The Exclusive Broadcast Bonus to ABC Members

American Business Coalition is proud to partner with KOMO, Seattle’s leading news and talk radio outlet, and Sinclair Media to offer this exclusive benefit to ABC members. The power of combining radio, TV, and digital strategies and delivering proven results with an award-winning media partner is a sure way to give your business a competitive advantage.

American Business Coalition members will receive:

1) Complimentary Media Snapshot and Analysis for your category of business.
2) Complimentary Competitive Analysis focused on your competition in the market place.
3) New Revenue Generating Ideas offered to you at no charge.
4) Special Added Bonus Media at No Charge on KOMO 1000 AM, KOMO 97.7 FM and KVI 570 AM Radio.

Bonus Matching Schedules will only be matched with a paid monthly schedule running at the same time. This is designed to increase your reach and frequency at no additional charge.

Bonus Matching Schedules may only be run on KOMO and KVI Radio.


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