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Anna Liotta

CEO of Resultance

Author of Unlocking Generational CODES

There are 5 generations active in the workforce for the first time in history.
Experienced leaders are challenged to find effective ways to meet each generation’s demands and leverage their unique values, gifts, and expectations. The solution is to understand the Generational CODES™ that shape how each generation sees the world, comSmunicates and interacts with customers, colleagues, and collaborators. This is the key to unlocking sustainable success for your company.

When leaders and organizations address Generational CODES™ employees, colleagues and customers thrive.
TGITM is an on-demand, e-learning, that is designed to provide a flexible curriculum for leaders and employees of all ages to learn how to turn their generational differences into collaborative relationships and optimize the generational mix on a day-to-day basis.

Your membership in the American Business Coalition provides you a 45% discount to provide the TGITM online learning opportunity for your employees.

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The 4 Pillars

Pillar 1
Generational Codes

It all starts with unlocking the CODES that drive each generation’s actions, reactions, and choices. Generational CODES™ uncovers the core events and influences that shape each generation’s worldview.

Generational CODES™ impact every aspect of our daily lives. This first pillar of understanding gives you the key to unlocking and leveraging CODES for your success.

Pillar 2
Leading the Generations

Today’s leaders must be nimble. They must manage, coach, mentor, and inspire their team. It’s no longer sufficient to expect one leadership style or approach to work with people of all ages.

Leading the Generations Pillar helps managers, coaches, and leaders. They learn how to optimize their time, energy, and communication choices to resonate with each generation. Learn how to improve your results in recruiting, onboarding, retention, and feedback leveraging the Generational CODES™

Pillar 3
Selling to the

The Sales Pillar reveals how to customize and refine your message to connect, engage, and capture clients and customers of all ages.

If you don’t currently adapt your sales process or messaging to the buyers of different generations, you are leaving money on the table.

Pillar 4
Customer Service
Across Generations

Organizations often pride themselves on their commitment to delivering great service. Unfortunately, what “great” customer service means to one generation is not what it means to the next.Providing exceptional customer service to clients and customers of every generation is paramount to your success.

Delivering award-winning, first-class customer service today demands that you understand what that level of customer service means to each generation. The Customer Service Pillar is your guide to that success.

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