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Can you Survive the Age of Disruption?
10 Cultural Practices
That will cost you Time, Money, and Talent
1Focusing on Attuitudes, not behaviors
2Creating rules/policies to manage the exception
3Not dealing with conflict
4Reward programs that reward the wrong things
5Focusing on fixing problems, not driving strengths
6Not focusing on human connection skills
7Not understanding generational differences in attitudes and motivation
8Not making quality decisions
9Having an answer without having a clear understanding of the problem
10Not hiring the right people

How many times a week do you hear the words, “I thought we talked about this” in your office? For many, the answer is more than zero.

If you never want to hear that phrase spoken in your office, strong communication is the number one way to do it. That’s why John Buller is taking his decades of management experience and turning it into a groundbreaking communications training platform to help you build a community of highly skilled communicators at your company.

Having served as the President of the UW Alumni Association, CEO of Tully’s Coffee, a manager at the BonMarche, the President of the 101 Club, and more, John Buller knows what it takes to build teams that execute with effective communication.

With his detailed guide to enhancing communication skills in areas like conflict management and resolution, setting clear expectations, collective problem-solving, and decision-management processes, John can take your team to another level.

In three two-hour sessions, you will learn:

  • The Eight Interpersonal Skills That Build Trust
  • The Power of Curiosity
  • Job Descriptions: A Forgotten Asset
  • Creating a Culture of Continuous Feedback
  • Defining a Better Way to Operate
  • The Art of Decision-Making

Who Can Benefit


  • Establish your vision as a leader
  • Infuse the values into daily operations


  • Discover strategies to overcome conflict
  • Grow within your team


  • Achieve the All-In Culture
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase process efficiency

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