Our Mission

Support the growth and success of our members by advocating for policies conducive to a favorable business climate.

About Us

The American Business Coaltion was founded in 1992 to advocate for small employers and entrepreneurs at the local and national level.

The American Business Coalition is able to bring together business owners to provide a significant voice for employers. We represent a diverse group of businesses and entrepreneurs who all have an important impact on the economy. Our active presence at the local and national level allows our members to have a unified voice on issues affecting small businesses.

What we do

Business Solutions

Embracing the spirit of innovation, the American Business Coalition works to bring people together to find solutions to the challenges that face our country and economy. The American Business Coalition serves the interest of its members as a strong and unified voice on the issues.

Legislative Action

American Business Coalition provides opportunities for members to communicate with legislators, and sponsors annual legislative events to discuss the issues facing businesses. The American Business Coalition encourages and provides guidance for its members to become active in local government and to participate in the legislative process. The American Business Coalition is active in advocating for our members on the issues that affect business, and takes a stance on legislation that supports a healthy business economy.

Training & Education

We provide training for members on effective participation in local government. American Business Coalition strives to empower citizens and increase the ability for members to be successful participating in the legislative process. Effective citizen lobbyists are able to interact with the legislative process and take an active role in the development of regulations affecting businesses.

Protecting the future of today’s small business sector is critical, especially in a rapidly changing economic environment. Education is crucial to effect change, and the American Business Coalition provides a variety of educational resources to help members understand which issues will affect them most, and how to most effectively address those issues.